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Great ab workout routines for men

If you're anything like me, you'll have sought out the best workout routines for me on the Internet, and maybe some of the shopping channels, and you might even have been tempted to buy one or more programmes. You might have even bought some ab equipment. These are generally all great but did you keep it up and persevere? Do you see results? Did you give up?

workout routines for men
I was like that a few years ago. I tried different workout routines for men and drifted from to the next, but I didn't have the staying power to stick with any of them. Over the last year of so, I finally came to realise that in order to have stunning abs, you should be prepared to work at it. They'll not appear over night, and they won't show up in one week.

workout routines for men
To get really great abs with clear definition, you can see visible results within 3 weeks if you follow some simple workout routines and watch what you eat and drink.

If you are searching for workout routines for men, read my simple 2 step insurance policy for defined abs in 3 weeks

Step 1

Leg Lift

Discover a heavy ball, or book or something like that that weighs between 4 and 6 pounds. Whatever you decide to use, you must be able to grip it safely involving the feet. Lie on your back flat on to the ground on an exercise mat or carpet and set the weight between your feet. Put both your hands behind your head, take a breath and hold it while you raise your legs slowly up keeping your legs straight, gripping the extra weight between your feet. Hold that position for the count of 7. Then lower the extra weight slowly to the floor, exhaling when you do. Do 10 reps of the exercise, rest for 2 minutes, then do 2 more sets of 10. Then move on to Step # 2.

Step 2

Ab crunch

Lie face up, flat on the floor again. Raise the legs off the floor bending your knees slightly, and at the same time, raise the head and shoulders off the mat. Stretch your arms out in front of you to help the account balance. Hold for a count of 7 then lower your legs and shoulders to the floor, exhaling slowly. Do 10 reps, rest for 2 minutes then do 2 more sets of 10. This is one of the best physical exercises for men to get tight abs and you may really feel the abs burn in this exercise.

Again, breathing is important so take a breath before you begin, hold it during the crunch then exhale slowly when you lower yourself to the floor.

If you think any pain during these routines for men, reduce the number of reps or work with a light weight for step 1, but to determine results, you must do this simple 2 step arrange for at least 3 weeks.